Why Invest

Over 80% of our business comes from existing customers and their referrals.


This success is not only due to our price guarantee, but is due to the great investment opportunities that we have knowledge of, which are not advertised to the public. Through our local network of contacts we can advise you of Guaranteed Rental Offers, and provide insight into the locations that are ripe for investment opportunities.

Cyprus Economy

Cyprus is a growing economy. Entry into the EU in 2004 has resulted in a significant economic uplift, as well as a higher demand for property from both the existing and new EU member countries looking to invest in the Cyprus property market. There is also significant investment in the infrastructure, including new golf courses, marinas, new hospitals and Universities.

Rising Property Market

In order for Cyprus to adopt the Euro in 2008 it had to decrease interest rates from the then current 5.5% (Central Bank of Cyprus base rate) to the European Central Bank rate of 4%. This has served to strengthen the rising property market.


All administrative (i.e. utility bills) and legal dealings (contracts of sale) are conducted in English. The banking system is British based and approximately 90% of the population speak English as a second language.


With an average of 340 days of sunshine per year, Holiday Rentals can enjoy up to 9 months income and with the mild winter climate there is a strong market for out of prime season rentals, providing an all year rental opportunity.

low cost and safety

The high price of property in other sunshine destinations is encouraging people to consider alternatives. The cost of living in Cyprus is substantially lower than most European countries and residents in Cyprus enjoy a relatively crime-free environment with very little corruption.